woensdag 7 februari 2024

To Bun or not to Bun


Well I made my first tentative steps into Bunny World today.
It's a rescue place staffed mostly by volunteers with various mild learning difficulties.
The woman who took me out the back to show me the rabbits made it very clear that her speciality was guinea pigs. I think one of the buns must have heard her because he promptly bit her finger when she lifted him out of his hutch. Tssk.
Not that I was holding this against him but I did actually prefer the look of the first pair she'd shown me. Both quite sizable beasts (not giant but not tiny either.) One was the colour of what I can only describe as Natural Rabbit Colour, the other a darker solid grey. Flop-eared. Ticking quite a lot of boxes as far as their looks and my preferences went. But...

There's something about them that doesn't quite click with me. I think I prefer my pets to be more... domesticated? They have such bland faces. They don't look you in the eye and communicate with you like a dog does. They're not interested in humans. I feel it would be like having a wild animal in the house. I'm not sure I'd feel totally comfortable with the idea. And yes I do realise it would take time to earn their trust. I do enjoy Giddy's tales of binkying bunnies but I'm not convinced they're right for me. I'd also worry about tripping over them. They seem so... unpredictable somehow.

I left (after a tour of the guineapig flat ;-) saying I would have to think about it some more and thanking them for their time.
It's pretty much a paradise for the animals there. They do sell them on sometimes/eventually but many of them have been there for years and are all very well housed and cared for. I think if I'd thought they really 'needed' rehomed I might have felt differently...

donderdag 25 januari 2024

Burns' Day


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